Why Newfi

Welcome to the future of home lending

Newfi sets out to bring transparency, automation and efficiency to a broken process, delivering both excellent service and value to our customers. We focus our energy on creating an online lending solution through cool technology, without losing sight of the importance of personal touch in building valuable relationships.

By dramatically reducing manual touch points, offering easy document management tools, and minimizing the all-too-common back & forth, Newfi delivers an overall better mortgage financing experience with significant savings.


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The smart & secure way to finance your home


Your privacy and security are our #1 priority. We use some of the most powerful tools available to protect your information.

Process Automation

The lending market is changing, and Newfi is leading the way with automation & document collection.

Fantastic Rates

Our technology provides a simpler, better customer experience, allowing us to to compete with and beat the big banks.


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