Target Segment and Uses for EquityChoice

6-9 million homeowners* meet general EquityChoice criteria, many of which may already be your customers!

Customers EquityChoice Can Help

  • Responsible homeowners that take pride in ownership
  • Have built-up equity of 50%+ in home
  • Solid credit & savings profile (680+ FICO)
  • Long-term needs/investment plans,
  • Value preserving monthly income & cash flow short-term for long-term benefits

Not A Good Fit:

  • New home buyers (2 yr. residency)
  • Homeowners without 50% equity
  • Homeowners without a mortgage
  • Short-term real estate investor/flippers
  • Higher risk, overextended homeowner
  • Non-savers, lack liquid reserves
  • Need ”short-term” funds quickly
  • Seniors on low, fixed incomes 

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