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Innovative Non-QM solution that cools monthly payment pressure on borrowers for first few years of the loan


EMERYVILLE, CA, September 12, 2022 –Today Newfi launches Pinnacles Graduated Payment Mortgage, a product unlike anything else on the current market, that can save ­­Non-QM borrowers thousands in their monthly payment obligations in the first year alone when using full doc or bank statement income.


Their Graduated Payment Mortgage is a 30-year fixed rate mortgage where payments start at a lower base level and then increase annually at a 5% rate until the beginning of the 6th year, when payments level out based on the remaining principal balance. Newfi’s Pinnacles Graduated Payment Mortgage is an alternative to the popular bank statement income Non-QM loans on the market today. To see examples or run a scenario, visit Newfi’s Mortgage Resource Page.


“The biggest benefit of the Pinnacles Graduated Payment Mortgage is lower initial mortgage payments for Non-QM borrowers,” Dan Bayer, Newfi SVP of Non-QM Development & Strategy said. “This is a solution that the everyday homeowners we work with have been asking for to ease the pressure of higher mortgage rates on their wallets.”


With rising interest rates and cost of goods, borrowers looking to purchase or refinance their homes have been hit with higher mortgage payments and lower purchasing power. This has especially affected borrowers who need a Non-QM mortgage solution because they are self-employed or require different guidelines to qualify, since these unique mortgage products already come with a higher interest rate. This Graduated Payment Mortgage solution gives Non-QM borrowers a way to lower their initial monthly payments and can put thousands of dollars back into their pockets in the initial years of the loan to use for other life expenses.


The Pinnacles Graduated Payment Mortgage also keeps in mind that borrowers don’t want to trade stability for lower payments. That’s why Newfi is qualifying borrowers based on the highest payment throughout the life of the loan and providing the full amortization schedule of their fixed-rate option up front so there are no surprises when the payments increase over time.


“Innovation is key to finding success in changing market environments,” Steve Abreu, Newfi CEO & Founder said. “We are excited to launch our new Pinnacles Graduated Payment Mortgage. This cutting-edge solution will present our Non-QM borrowers with another choice when financing their homes that they can only find at Newfi.”


This brand-new mortgage solution is available now in AZ, CA, FL and TX with more states coming soon for both Wholesale and Consumer Direct channels. Specializing in Non-QM products, Newfi has led the way with innovative technology and unique lending products for today’s homeowners. Some of these products include: Alternative Income (Bank Statement,1099, Asset Depletion) Loans, Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) Investment Property Loans, and 40-Year Interest Only Loans.


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Founded in 2014 by industry leading experts, Newfi’s mission is to revolutionize the way people finance their futures by providing innovative solutions, cultivating a people-first mindset, and being transparent every step of the way. To learn more visit Newfi Lending or Newfi Wholesale.

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