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Most people who take out investor loans (also known in the mortgage industry as non-owner-occupied loans), are working with multiple houses. That often leads to juggling and looking for the best small changes that one property can make to improve your portfolio.

It’s always a matter of maximizing liquidity for smart home investors. That’s why many turn to an Interest-Only mortgage loan.

In the beginning, the home investor only pays the interest payments on the house – and none of the principal. This, along with its 40-year mortgage loan term, requires smaller initial payments. It’s a smart move that allows these players flexibility to make those improvements and maximize their liquidity.

When you look at who offers interest-only mortgage loans, it’s only a handful of lenders nationally. And Newfi is one of the best.

Interest-only mortgage rates, like for all loans in this market, are coming up from their record lows. As we look at potential rate increases, it’s more important than ever to find ways to keep your payments low, for a reliable initial term.

Newfi is recognized on the first page organically in searches for 40-year interest only mortgage lenders – not in the pay-to-play sponsored area. That’s because Newfi has a foundation in innovative non-owner property loans for intrepid investors.

All of Newfi’s loan underwriting decisions are made in-house, in the East Bay city of Emeryville, CA. Newfi doesn’t need approval from its financial backers – it has final say on loan approvals. Lots of other lenders are forced to fit borrowers into whatever boxes its investors make. Newfi makes its own boxes. And that benefits investors looking to get more liquidity out of their portfolios.

If you are looking for an independent lender that has already funded more than $1 billion, it’s time well-invested to call Newfi.

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