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With all the options for investment property mortgages, trying to find the best loan with the simplest process can feel overwhelming. By far what we have found to be the easiest way to qualify for an investment property deal done is using a Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) Cash Flow loan!

What is a DSCR Cash Flow Loan?

A DSCR Cash Flow loan is a mortgage for an investment property that qualifies borrowers based on their expected rental income. Instead of using the traditional loan qualification process, we use an alternative qualification based on the income generated on the property month over month. These loans are sometimes also referred to as business purpose loans or private lender loans.

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How Does Newfi Make Qualifying for an Investment Property Mortgage Easy?

Requiring Fewer Documents

Newfi makes qualifying for a DSCR Cash Flow easy by requiring less documentation. Because we qualify borrowers based on cash-flow of their rental properties, we don’t look at their tax returns, debt, or paystubs at all during the loan process. For experienced investors, that means you don’t have to worry about your overall DTI or debt to income ratio. This allows for greater purchasing power on your upcoming investments.

Qualifying Based on Cash-Flow

A hurdle many borrowers face when trying to find the best investment property loan is qualifying due to multiple other investments or lack of employment. At Newfi, we’ve simplified the process. With our DSCR Cash Flow loan, we truly focus on the cash flow of your property. Is it making you the money every month to support the mortgage? That’s what we care about the most! We do not require you to show proof of employment or income. That way we can qualify you in your unique situation like being a full-time investor or Airbnb host.

Separating Borrowers’ Business Property from Personal Income

We know that your investment properties operate as a business separate from a typical salary. That’s why we keep your financing separate for these properties and qualify you without personal income! You don’t even need to have an official business or LLC to qualify this way with a DSCR Cash Flow loan. This alternative loan method itself helps to separate your investments and prioritizes your monthly cash flow on the property when qualifying, not your income as the owner.

By Being Invested in Technology

Easing the investment loan process at Newfi means making sure borrowers are able to get quick quotes and feel that their sensitive information is safe. At Newfi, we offer our borrowers a streamlined, high-tech experience. We are able to provide you with a quote very quickly on your investment property financing options. Our borrowers can use our secure customer portal to upload and submit the required documentation all in one place.

A Quicker Process

Without all the standards of a traditional loan, qualifying for a DSCR Cash Flow is simple and fast! Because we require less documentation, have a streamlined high-tech experience, and allow borrowers to qualify based on their expected market rent, our process is quicker. Using an alternative loan also speeds up the process since you don’t have to comply with mandatory wait times and the loan is secured by a private lender.

Newfi Makes Investment Property Mortgages Easy.

We are committed to making the investment property mortgage process easy by offering a high-tech experience, requiring less documentation, and offering faster closings on our DSCR Cash Flow Loans.

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