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Easy Investment Property Refinancing

Whether you’re looking to refinance to get cash-out for your next investment property down payment or to renovate or to use for other life expenses, Newfi has you covered.  We believe finding a refinance solution for your investment property shouldn’t be difficult.

  • Conventional or DSCR Cash Flow Loan Refinances

  • Refinance Quicker with Less Documentation Required

  • Refinance Without A Tenant

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What is a DSCR Cash Flow Loan?

While some lenders require extensive documentation and proof of current rents to qualify, Newfi makes it easy with our DSCR Cash Flow loan.

A Debt Service Coverage Ratio Loan or DSCR Cash Flow loan is an investment property mortgage solution that borrowers can qualify for using the expected market rent (cash flow) of their investment property. DSCR Cash Flow loans help investors like you maximize their cash flow with more loan terms, less documentation, and a quicker process


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No Tenant?

No Problem!

Many investment property owners need to refinance their mortgage without a current tenant. Common reasons would be to get cash-out for their next property or to renovate a current property while no one is occupying it. Our DSCR Cash Flow Loan allows for refinance transactions on vacant properties. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Refinance My Investment Property?

Refinance to: 

  • Take Cash Out and Renovate
  •  Lower Your Monthly Payments and Generate More Cash Flow 
  • Use the Equity in Your Investment Property to Invest in More Real Estate 

What Investment Property Refinance Options are Available?

Newfi offers conventional loan refinances and DSCR Cash Flow Loan refinances. 

What are the Benefits of a DSCR Cash Flow Loan for an Investment Property Refinance?

  • More Loan Terms that Lower Your Monthly Payments
    • 40-Year Fixed
    • 30- and 40-Year Interest Only mortgage options offer investment property owners lower monthly payments for the first 10-years.
  • Maximizing Your Cash Flow 
    • With more loan term options, you’re able to maximize your rental property cash flow.
  • Get Cash Out of Your Investment Property
    • Refinance using a DSCR Cash Flow loan and get the cash out you need to do renovations, purchase a new investment property, or for other life events. You can get cash-out of vacant or occupied properties.
  • Less Documentation 
    • Because we qualify you based on the cash flow of your investment property, we don’t ask for documentation like your proof of income or employment.
  • A Quicker Loan Process 
    • Because there is less documentation to review, the loan process is faster.

How Does a DSCR Cash Flow Loan Create More Cash Flow?

When you use Interest-Only loan terms, you’re only paying the interest on your mortgage for the first 10-year of the loan. This allows you to keep more of your monthly rents in your pocket, ultimately generating more cash flow for you. 

What are the Requirements for a DSCR Cash Flow Loan?

With a DSCR Cash Flow Loan we can help with:

  • Down Payments As Low As 20%
  • Credit Scores As Low As 640
  • Minimum Loan Amount $100k
  • Maximum Loan Amount $2.5M
  • At least 36 months of Mortgage Experience
  • Residential Properties Only
  • 1-4 Unit Properties 

What Loan Terms Are Available for DSCR Cash Flow Loans?

  • 15-, 30-, and 40-Year Fixed 
  • 30- and 40-Year Interest-Only (IO) with a 10-Year IO period 

What is the First Step to Get a DSCR Cash Flow Loan?

Because everyone has their own unique situation, we recommend speaking to a loan advisor about your options as your first step. Go to for a free consultation with one of our licensed loan advisors to learn about what documentation and qualifications you may need!

What are Current DSCR Cash Flow Refinance Rates?

Your exact DSCR Cash Flow rates depend on the interest rate you qualify for and the term you select. Contact us to review your options and calculate your payment.

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