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Use Self-Employed Income to Qualify

Getting a mortgage while self-employed doesn’t have to difficult! Qualify for a self-employed home loan without using tax returns!

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Your Go-To Mortgage Lender For Self Employed Workers or Small Business Owners

  • No Tax Returns, Flexible Income Documentation
  • Use 12/24 Month Business or Personal Bank Statements or 1099
  • Loan Terms Available that Lower Your Monthly Payments
  • First Time Homebuyers Welcome

Flexible Self-Employed Home Loan Solutions

Don’t get penalized for a smart tax return! Traditional mortgage options put self-employed people in a box, but we specialize in helping you find self employed mortgage solutions that expand your options. Newfi provides a unique self-employment mortgage program that allows you to document your income whether you’re a small business owner, contract worker, own an LLC, own part of a corporation, or are self-employed in any way!

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Why do Self-Employed People Need a Different Kind of Loan?

Because Self-Employed workers or small business owners typically take advantage of tax code benefits, trying to qualify for a mortgage using tax returns can be very difficult. Newfi understands the self-employed borrower and allows them to use other methods of income documentation to calculate their monthly income to qualify for a mortgage.


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Newfi's Self-Employed Mortgage Qualifications

  • Minimum of 2 Years of Self-Employment History
  • Home Loans up to $3 Million
  • Primary Residences, Second Homes, and Investment Properties Allowed
  • Credit Scores as Low as 660

Frequently Asked Questions

Can First Time Home Buyers Qualify?

Yes! First time home buyers can qualify for a Self-Employed loan! We help families across the United States start their homeownership journey.

How Will My Income be Calculated?

Calculating self-employed income for a mortgage is based on your unique situation. We can combine W-2, 1099, and Bank Statements to calculate your monthly income. When looking at your business or personal bank statements, we will review either 1 or 2 years of documentation and use our quick calculator to identify your income.


When using a 1099, we will review your total income and take away an expense ratio of 10% (unless otherwise provided) and qualify you on the remaining 90% of income. If you have several forms of income, we will add all of the sources together to determine your average monthly income. We can consider most sources of income that have a two-year history!

What Documents Do I Need to Qualify?

It depends on how you make your money! If your tax returns don’t document your income well, a challenge most self-employed borrowers face, we turn to other income documentation methods like bank statements or 1099. You will also need to provide documentation of self-employment history; and if you own a business with another person, document how much of the business you own.

What is the Required Down Payment?

Your down payment can be as low as 10% on a purchase with a self-employed loan!

How Much Self-Employment History Do I Need to Provide?

You will need to provide 2 years of self-employment history to qualify. There are exceptions for borrowers with at least 1 year of self-employment history on a case-by-case basis if you have strong job experience, a history of other income earning, etc., reach out to us for more information.

How Does My Household Qualify if We Have Several Sources of Income?

We allow for borrowers to combine income from multiple jobs for an individual or a household. We will combine 1099, bank statement, and W-2 earnings to calculate your total income to qualify for all borrowers on the loan.

What’s the First Step in Getting a Self-Employed Mortgage?

Because everyone has their own unique situation, we recommend speaking to a loan advisor about your options as your first step. Go to or fill out the form on this page for a free consultation with one of our licensed loan advisors to learn about what documentation and qualifications you may need!

What are Rates for Self-Employed Borrowers?

Your exact mortgage rate depends on many factors: income calculation method, your down payment/equity position, credit score, loan term, income, and debt. Contact us to get a free quote on our competitive self-employed mortgage rates and learn how much you could qualify for!