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When the pandemic hit, a light was shined on the higher-than-ever percentage of people who were self-employed. PPP loans, while given in greater dollar amounts to larger-employing companies, were issued in significantly larger numbers for people operating businesses of One.

Those self-employed are likely to be in control of their company’s finances – and often by extension, their personal finances.

Self-employed homebuyers and homeowners are often great borrowers, but traditional loan formats often make it more difficult.

That’s why Newfi developed its self-employed program options. It works with the borrowers and offers lots of ways to qualify. Its digital simplicity and hand-holding support make it the first place self-employed business owners should look to make a home purchase or to take a home refinance loan.

We understand the challenges that come with being self-employed. Irregular projects can make it hard to show stability. Newfi’s guidelines allow it to qualify based on formulas showing your history and credit-worthiness. We also recognize that many small business owners live in areas with higher property values, that don’t fit into conventional loan boxes. Newfi’s self-employed options go up to jumbo loan amounts, allowing buyers to move up to the next level.

Newfi makes the decisions on its loans in its Emeryville, CA, offices. It does not need to get approval from investors. If you are looking for an independent lender funding more than $1 billion and growing, then get started with Newfi.

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