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With Newfi’s DSCR Cash Flow loan, real estate investors have expanded financing options for their investment properties. Our process is streamlined to deliver borrowers quick and efficient service on every transaction.Whether our borrowers are experienced real estate investors or first-time investors, these are the benefits of a DSCR Cash Flow Loan over a traditional conventional investment property mortgage.

How does a DSCR loan work?

A Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) Cash Flow loan qualifies borrowers on the expected rental income instead of the carrying costs of their investment property. These loans are also referred to as Business Purpose or private lender loans. Lenders like Newfi qualify investors based on the monthly liabilities and profits for the subject property they are trying to finance.

Learn more about Newfi’s DSCR Loans here!

Benefits of a DSCR Cash Flow Loan

Less Documentation Needed

At Newfi we are committed to making your loan and qualification process as simple as possible. With a DSCR Cash Flow loan, borrowers can qualify with less paperwork than a traditional mortgage.

The traditional investment property loan process can be overwhelming and requires documentation that can be a huge burden on investors, especially those that need to document multiple properties. Instead of asking for information about each of your investment properties and liabilities, or calculating your overall debt (DTI Ratio), we use the alternative DSCR qualification to minimize the paperwork.

This approach eliminates the need for your income, employment, or personal debt documentation and simplifies the process by focusing just on the property you are financing.

Quicker Loan Process

Since the DSCR Cash Flow loan is designed differently than other investment property mortgages, the turn times are typically faster! Conventional investment property loans have required waiting periods; but because the DSCR Cash Flow loan is a private lender option, there is no waiting necessary.

Why take longer to get your deal done if you don’t have to? This loan option is a perfect solution for acquiring quicker financing when securing an investment property in the competitive housing market.

More Loan Options Could Mean More Cash Flow

DSCR Loans can be offered in an array of loan terms! Newfi Lending offers this unique investment property loan product in 15-Year Fixed, 30-Year Fixed, 30-Year Interest Only, or 40-Year Interest Only terms.

Many investment property borrowers opt for the Interest Only terms to lower their monthly payment for the first 10 years of the loan. Interest Only terms mean that borrowers pay the simple interest of the loan, instead of the principal and interest. This could lower your monthly payments on your mortgage, and therefore increase the amount of money you profit on your property each month.

Interest Only options are not available to investors with conventional loans, so a DSCR Cash Flow loan gives borrowers expanded loan options to consider. Everyone’s situation is different, to learn more about your options please speak with a Loan Advisor.

No Proof of Employment Required

Simplifying the investment property loan process means adapting to meet our borrowers’ common life situations.

We know that many of our borrowers are full time investors, self-employed, or keep their investment property income separate from their personal income. These situations can be difficult to authenticate through traditional methods.

That’s why Newfi’s DSCR cash flow loan does not require proof of income or employment to qualify and instead relies on the expected cash flow of your rental property to qualify borrowers.

No Personal Income Required

We understand that investors expect to make income on their investment property month after month, and Newfi focuses on these rental profits to qualify borrowers. That means we don’t need pay stubs, W2’s, or tax returns when qualifying you for your loan. We don’t look at personal income and keep the investment property’s income separate.

Newfi Makes the Difference

Whether it’s our DSCR cash flow loan or any of our other loan products, Newfi makes the loan process easy, transparent, and fast.

Do you have questions about your unique situation? Interested in learning more about investment property mortgage options? Get a quote or talk to one of our senior loan advisors today at

With all the options available, it can be difficult to decide what lender to trust. Read any of 1,300+ reviews to see exactly what our clients have to say about doing business with us!


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