Business Purpose Loan

How Newfi Makes Investing In Real Estate Possible

Instead of traditional loan qualification and as an alternative to a hard money loan, we use a  business purpose loan to help you get your investment property deal done. This gives you great perks like:

Faster Closings
Less Documentaion
Less documentation

High-Tech Experience

Here’s how it works:

We review your credit history. Even if you’ve never invested in real estate before, if you have owned a home for 12-months you could qualify! 

We evaluate the estimated monthly rent for the property you’re looking at and use that as your income needed to qualify. The cash-flow is all you need!

We do not look at your personal income.

We do not take your debt or DTI into consideration.

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      We help real estate investors like you with:

Purchasing and Refinancing Investment Properties 

Building experienced real estate portfolios with no limit on number of properties

Taking cash-out of other investment properties to purchase new investments

Refinancing vacant properties- no tenant, no problem

Long-term and short-term rental properties like AirBnb and VRBO

DTI is not considered to qualify, we do not consider debt, like other mortgages or student loans when qualifying you for the loan

Quick closing needs and hard money alternatives

No real estate investor experience with a 12-month mortgage history

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Your situation is unique, and our Newfi experts can help you navigate
the loan process for your first or 15th rental property.

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Our Clients Say

This was easy and quick. Every interaction was pleasant. Every email, call, or text was returned quickly. Applying online and then going through the entire process was the best mortgage experience I’ve had to date.

– Garret R., Newfi Borrower


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