Business Purpose Loan

Newfi offers business purpose loans for investment properties!

Newfi’s Business Purpose Loan can be used to finance investment properties only – using the debt service (rents vs carrying cost) of the property vs the borrower’s personal income.  Commercial financing underwriting philosophy in a residential world – making it a great hard money replacement

How does Newfi make it easier for investors to qualify?

    • You keep your investments separate from your personal income – our underwriters don’t review personal income
    • You hold investment properties for investment purposes, Newfi agrees and consider the cash flow of this property to qualify for financing
    • No income documentation of borrower just debt service of property- qualify solely on the cash flow of property

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Purchase of investment properties

    • Only 20% down payment
    • Buyers do not need to be experienced landlords
    • No tenant, no problem – rental survey prepared by appraiser allow us to use fair market rents
    • Unlimited number of properties owned
    • No Debt to Income ratio considered for financing
    • Make sense underwriting – qualifying the investment properties on their merit
    • Simple interest payments are available
    • Close quickly

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Refinance of Investment Properties

    • Is your investment portfolio gridlocked – We have options
    • Increase rental profits by reducing monthly mortgage expenses
    • Reduce your monthly mortgage expense and increase cash flow
    • Access cash without selling your real estate properties
    • Use cash to help increase the value of your home with improvements or repairs
    • Take advantage of Interest-Only options – to increase cash flow

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Take Cash Out of Investment properties

    • Vacant Properties are fine (no tenant, no problem)
    • Free up equity for investment
    • Hard money replacement
    • Investors can use strong equity growth
    • Many investors are taking cash out of current properties to build their portfolio
    • Access your equity large cash out up to 75% of the value
    • Get cash quickly

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Pioneers of the mortgage industry

$5 Billion +

funds provided 


Frequently Asked Questions

How does this program help with cash-flow?

    • Investors can often lower payment to help vs utilizing higher interest rates and cost hard money options
    • Take advantage of simple interest options – to lower carrying costs
    • With 30-year fixed programs, you can calculate cash for years to come

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What if there is no current renter in the property- can I use rents to qualify?

    • No tenant – no problem
    • Newfi uses a rental survey to utilize fair market rents to the property

What if I have been turned down for credit on my investment properties before?

    • No DTI calculation required
    • FICO as Low as 640 Acceptable
    • No limit of financed properties held in REO
    • Should be 25% in both cases Purchase and turned down for credit bullets
    • Higher limits of cash out from investment properties
    • Simple interest payments can be used for calculation
    • Versatility of simple interest option- with the peace of mind of a fixed rate mortgage

Why trust Newfi Lending with your investment property refinancing?

Newfi is a direct lender with years of experience in mortgage refinance. We offer a wide variety of investment property loans for different borrower types, and we can work with you to find a solution for your situation. Give us a call at (888) 316-3934 and see just how helpful we are!

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How can I get more information?

Talk to us at Newfi Lending. We’ll get you a rate quote and review your refinancing options.

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