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Non-Qualified Mortgages

Newfi specializes in Non-Qualified Mortgage (Non-QM) options for borrowers who are looking for a mortgage option with alternative qualifying requirements!

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Specialized Solutions

for Non-QM Borrowers

Finding the right mortgage can be challenging enough without having to take into consideration things like if you are self-employed or have a high debt-to-income ratio. Non-QM Mortgages offer borrowers the ability to qualify for a home loan using unique income documentation, higher loan limits, lower payment loan terms,  and overall more flexibility than traditional mortgage options. Newfi has a variety of specialized Non-QM Mortgage solutions to help more borrowers achieve homeownership.

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Qualified Versus Non-Qualified Mortgages

Qualified Mortgages: The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is a government agency that is responsible for setting the qualifying guidelines that mortgage lenders abide by. Any mortgage option that falls within the CFPB guidelines is considered a Qualified Mortgages (QM). Qualified Mortgages have stricter guidelines surrounding things like debt-to-income, proof of employment, and income documentation among other things.  

Non-Qualified Mortgages: Non-Qualified Mortgages are able to offer expanded guidelines because Non-QM lenders are not required to fit within the CFPB guidelines. Non-QM mortgage options often offer borrowers things like longer loan terms, more unique mortgage solutions, and more flexible qualifying requirements. However, these mortgages will still have minimum qualifying requirements for things like credit score, down payment, and debt-to-income. 


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Who Benefits from Non-QM Mortgages?

Non-QM Mortgages can be a great mortgage solution for borrowers who may not qualify for a mortgage under the CFPB’s standards based on their:

  • Self-Employed Borrowers

Many Self-Employed Workers, Contractors, and Small Business Owners document their income using things like bank statements, a 1099, or other income documentation methods. While QM lenders have strict standards around income documentation, Newfi has Non-QM solutions for borrowers that offer more ways to document their income and qualify.

  • Borrowers Wanting to Purchase an Investment Property 

QM lenders have mortgage options for borrowers looking to purchase an investment property, but they have strict guidelines surrounding things like DTI, income, employment history, and restrictions on the number of investment properties you can own. There are several Non-QM Mortgage options for borrowers that offer relaxed guidelines, making it easier to qualify for an investment property mortgage! At Newfi, our DSCR Loans offers borrowers the ability to qualify for an investment property mortgage without having to worry about providing proof of income or employment, or any personal debt information. 

  • Borrowers with a High Net Worth 

For borrowers with their finances tied to non-liquidated assets, buying a home using QM standards can feel next to impossible. Non-QM Mortgage lenders, like Newfi, allow borrowers to qualify for a mortgage using their assets as income. This allows these individuals to leverage their investments and net worth without having to liquidate any of their assets. 

  • Borrowers Looking for Lower Monthly Payments

Some borrowers need alternative mortgage options that offer them lower monthly payment options. Non-QM lenders have mortgage solutions with longer loan terms and interest-only options that can help borrowers lower their monthly payment. Newfi has a 40-Year Hybrid Mortgage option available to borrowers. This mortgage offers a fixed interest rate, 40-year loan term, where the first 10 years of the loan is an Interest-Only period. After the interest-only period ends, the loan becomes a standard 30-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Requirements for a Non-QM Mortgage?

Non-QM Mortgages offer more flexible guidelines compared to QM options, however these mortgages still have minimum requirements for things like credit score, debt-to-income ratio (DTI), and down payment. You’ll need to ensure that you’re able to fit within the standards set by the lender you’re choosing to work with.

What are the Advantages of a Non-QM Mortgage?

  • Specialized Mortgage Options to Fit More Unique Situations
  • Longer Loan Terms Available
  • Flexible Requirements for Qualifying
  • In-House Underwriting Decisions, Quick Process
  • Alternative Income Documentation Options

What are the Cons of Non-QM Mortgages?

  • Higher Down Payment Requirements
  • Higher Interest Rates

Can First Time Home Buyers Qualify for a Non-QM Mortgage?

Yes! Newfi offers a variety of Non-QM mortgage options for First Time Home Buyers. Learn more here.

Can I Get an Investment Property Using a Non-QM Mortgage?

DSCR Cash Flow Loans are investment property Non-QM mortgages that qualify borrowers without needing to submit proof of income or employment. Learn more here.

What is the First Step for Getting a Non-QM Mortgage?

Because everyone has their own unique situation, we recommend speaking to a loan advisor about your options as your first step. Go to or fill out the form on this page for a free consultation with one of our licensed loan advisors!

What are Non-QM Mortgage Rates?

Your exact Non-QM Mortgage rates depend on the interest rate you qualify for and the term you select. Contact us to review your options and calculate your new payment.

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